About Amber

I’m a lady of a certain age and enjoying my life as a companion intermittently around my other occupations.  I intend to continue working in and around the adult industry until I am 69 years old (or beyond) with gentlemen who are looking for an age-appropriate lover, sometimes even to enjoy social times with.

What makes Amber’s service different

I specialise in longer bookings with gentlemen around my own age, known as Mature Lady Friend experiences.  My most popular booking type, especially for visitors to Christchurch, is the 3 hour date at $750 which, after deliciously slow-paced intimacy in my room or yours, can also include dinner or a drive somewhere scenic if desired.  I have been known to extend this time at no extra charge if our outing happens to be at the cinema.  I also offer much longer bookings, 8 hours at $1200 or 10 hours at $1500 for day or evening events. 

Why choose Amber

For tourists with comparatively cheap New Zealand currency and a day to discover the local secrets, my day-long booking services are a lot of fun for me to get to know people from other countries and as I am age-appropriate to many in this demographic, it works well in and out of the bedroom while I’m also doing my bit for the local tourism industry.  I am a local with an intimate knowledge of many of Canterbury’s nooks and crannies.  I also know Marlborough and the lower North Island well.  As I’m a non-drinker, I can always be the sober driver if you like to stop often for a tipple at any of our beautiful vineyards.

What people are saying

“As the evening progressed we became more entwined, I held her in my arms while she was above me, my hands in her hair, kissing her neck, both of us lost in the moments of sexual bliss you get when you feel you know one another. Lost in her hair it was like a veil that blocked out the world, all I could hear was passion.

My greatest pleasure at this point was to give pleasure, it felt like this woman was a long lost lover, we spent a what felt an age just being part of each other, looking into each others eyes or a well placed mirror.”

– A happy gentleman

“However for me where Amber is unbeaten is when you add into the mix her warm and inviting personality, she is clever and funny, in conversation she sparkles, and she has an incredibly understated gentle manner that oozes sensualness.

There is a je ne sais quoi quality to her. She is such an incredibly sensual woman. All of this makes her so much more than the sum of her parts (and some of her parts I know quite well). Quite simply, I find her captivating.”

– Another happy gentleman

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The purpose of this site

In order for you to get to know me better, I regularly write about my opinions on client issues, escort issues and the trajectory of the sex industry under the New Zealand model, forever changing and which will continue to change as governments replace each other and the world’s population adjusts to global events outside of our control.  

My blog includes posts about starting out (for new escorts or anyone wondering how I began), punting and guest posts (always interesting to think about the perspectives of clients and read posts by them),  relationships (because many of us sex workers and clients are in relationships), and retiring (because sometimes leaving the industry is not straightforward).  I’m also interested in exploring sex work from a business perspective.