Mature Lady Friend


“But we talked. And laughed. Enjoyed each other’s company. We’re both here for a good time, and we’re havin’ it. Amber is so open and honest. She’s closer in age to me than most of the girls I see, so I think there’s an affinity there. Or maybe that’s just her way.”

“Ok, I could go on forever but, to all who read this, Amber is the kind of person everyone should meet at least once in their lives…”

Quotes from two happy gentlemen (more in my reviews)

About my extended services

You may be looking for a lady to spend some time with mainly outside of the bedroom.

If you are looking for a trophy wife who will turn heads but sit down, shut up and look pretty, please do not choose me as I would find that very boring. 

My services are for the man who likes spending time with an attractive, age-appropriate lady with a kind heart and a sense of humour, with opinions and a good general knowledge, who you can converse with and have fun with on equal terms.

As my personal enjoyment is important to me, my extended services are limited to gentlemen aged over 50 years old.  If you are younger than this and still wish to see me for the longer timeframes, feel free to call me to plead your case.  (You’ll need to be very interesting).

Why choose Amber O’Hara

 I am non-judgmental and I like to have fun. 

When we are out in public as a mature couple, no one will ever guess our secret as I am not really giving you Amber, I am giving you a more elegant lady.  You will meet the real person, with my real name and my real “back story”. 

Behind closed doors though, for you I am the very naughty and delicious Amber O’Hara.

What people say

“Amber is a gorgeous woman at the peak of her sexual enchantment. She is sensual, funny, beautiful and highly confident. It does not matter whether you spend a day with her or just one hour; you will go away in a state of blissful happiness and for a brief while the stresses and worries associated with a busy life will be forgotten.”

“I have read numerous glowing reviews of Amber and I am pleased to confirm they are all correct.  From the time I walked in the door, the whole experience was exactly what I wanted it to be, sensual, exciting and intriguing all rolled into one, coupled with some laughter and some time layed back listening to music.”

“Amber is sexy, sensual, gorgeous, sophisticated, creative, educated, smart, funny and kind. It’s very easy to say that but in all sincerity each of these adjectives is accurate.”

You can read a whole page of reviews if you would enjoy the details.