Does the G-Spot exist?

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This is just a short post because occasionally I hear people saying the g-spot is a load of old cobblers.  That may or may not be true as far as any anatomical identification goes in medical school.  Rumour has it that it is the secret internal spot on the body of all women which can bring about almost instant orgasms and general ecstasy.

The problem is that some people find it difficult locating this particular jewel within the vagina.

I am well and truly familiar with an area inside my body that when stimulated feels so good that it makes my cheeks rosy with pleasure, and am quite happy to give directions.  I’m pretty sure most other women are quite happy to offer suggestions as to where exactly it might be found as well.

I’m no doctor, but as far as I can tell on my own body, the g-spot is directly behind the clitoris, or at least that is the place to aim to make contact with.  Possibly not directly behind the clitoris, but maybe it’s even part of the clitoris, the internal part perhaps.

A very nice sensation is when the clitoris is stimulated by something wet which does not touch it too strongly (eg a tongue) and just when things are looking very rosy indeed, a curved finger or two is inserted with the aim of rubbing on the other side of the clitoris from the inside.  This can really make a girl lose control.  Men with slightly curved cocks also obviously have certain abilities here.

This is really all that needs to be said on the g-spot: it exists and it’s not that hard to find if you aim for an internal spot roughly on the other side of where the clitoris is.

This topic is also related to women squirting but that is another blog post.

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