Updated 11 April, 2024

I’m now around 60 (I’ve already changed my age on my advertising to 60) and still enjoying sex work!

I am still surprised by the interest in mature ladies – my client base mainly consists of loyal regulars both local and from out of town who come to see me because they know me well, I’m often available at short notice, and my prices are affordable during these days when many are finding it difficult.  To encourage the loveliest of my clients to come back, I even offer a perenial discount for clients who have previously seen me for an hour or longer and wish to return during daylight hours.  I occasionally advertise online although many clients find me through this website and use the phone number here to book me.

My newest favourite type of booking allows for extra time where we can really explore each other in the boudoir, which suits the mature gentlemen I prefer.  And there is nothing like, having worked up an appetite, then sharing a leisurely meal and really getting to find out what makes someone tick, or, if not wanting to go that deep, then maybe how they are ticking.  And what a better way to end a perfect day, than with more time spent back in a private space.

I still offer sensual massages as longer indulgences (my 2 hour service for $400 is very popular).  These massages, using a variety of strokes and pressures, move extremely slowly and end very satisfyingly, in deliciously erotic ways.  I also occasionally use a meditative soundtrack which adds another special dimension of Nirvana.

Previously for my massage services, I had another persona, Marlena Cortin-One, which is a drag-style name inspired by a gene receptor that only redheads have.  However I feel no need to bother with that pseudonym now, because I see massage as just another form of extended foreplay and am more than happy to combine this in the bookings of a leisurely pace.

I am based about 10 minutes east of the CBD in Christchurch.  Although sex work is legal in New Zealand, Christchurch council bylaws can make finding accommodation to do sex work difficult.  The house I work from complies fully with the bylaws.  I occasionally work with other sex workers.

I pay tax, including goods and services tax. Because of sex work, I have paid off a mortgage and am able to live a simple life.

I do not engage as much on social media as in the past, although my Facebook page is still going.  I also have a Facebook group called Mature Friends, you just have to be a friendly person who is aged over 40 to join.  Occasionally a small number of us get together for movies or to have a coffee.

I also spend less time on forums and choose not to belong to any sex worker-run forums or discords.  My X aka Twitter description says: Mature and intelligent, I am lucky enough to meet men from all walks of life on a daily basis and have interesting, enriching conversations and other fun.

I am a film nut.  Knowing the huge amount of team effort involved, from thinking of and creating every aspect of a film to post-production and marketing, I admire anyone who plays a part in manifesting even the lowliest of productions (as I read through the film credits to the end).  To have been involved in production of even one film must take a special kind of dedication which I am in awe of.

I easily watch between two and ten films a week, depending on what else I am involved with.  My all-time favourite film was made in the 1980s.  I also consume several non-fiction audio books per month, usually while going somewhere.

Many are surprised, given the reputation of this profession, to learn that I have been following a 12 step programme, ie for recovery from addiction, for over three decades now – one day at a time.  Therefore I am likely to be a safe bet as a sober driver.

I value time spent with my large family, of whom I am extremely proud. We are a close, protective unit.  I catch up with my loved ones in person as often as we can. My significant family members know that I have been and still am a sex worker. Those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.

However, overall I do not disclose to others that I am a sex worker at the request of my family, who all live normal lives away from the adult industry, and also to protect my clients, many of whom I attend events with, as their plus one.

I regularly write about my sex work experiences which are published under a nom de plume on several platforms, including as fiction on Amazon Kindle.  My writing includes my opinions on client issues, escort issues and the trajectory of the sex industry under the New Zealand model, forever changing and which will continue to change as governments replace each other and the world’s population adjusts to global events outside of our control.

I still enjoy creating 5-7-5 haiku about sex work and sex:

As a sex worker / prostitution haiku are / cerebral pleasures.

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