A little about Amber’s services

While I offer girlfriend experience, I am always mindful of making the time my client spends with me relaxing, fun, down-to-earth and easy. 

Going the extra mile comes easily to me because I really love what I do, and do not offer what I do not love.  

I love being a mature escort with a wealth of experience, I have adapted the popular acronym MILF (mom I’d like to f**k), to Mature Lady Friend for services which include both intimacy and companionship exclusively for gentlemen closer to my own age. 

What makes Amber special

I’m not judgmental and I am open to requests, for example cross-dressing.  My phone services are particularly fun and can include a wide variety of fantasies, or simply just a chat.  What are you in the mood for?

All my services are sensuous Girl Friend Experience; I do offer shorter services, and the standard hour long service, but I am also available for day or evening bespoke services which are longer and more affordable: 3 hours @ $750, 8 hours @ $1200 and 10 hours @ $1500.

The massage service I offer can be luxurious and can also incorporate meditative experiences.  You may have had a standard rub and tug before but when you are on my massage table, will feel like you are in heaven.

What people say

“I arrived, and i had a rough idea of what she looked like, I entered the premise and was greeted by a woman who was taller and much more attractive than I expected, instantly I was slightly off balance, which is stupid and really unimportant.
She touched my face, we kissed and suddenly it was like I had known her for a long time, perhaps its skill on her part, or relief on mine that I was about to be close to a very attractive woman, I still don’t know.”

“Each and every visit is so unbelievably outstanding that they are in fact mind blowing. You are beyond belief, truly gorgeous, erotic, sexy and fulfilling. If the world was filled with ladies like you men would never think about war. “

You can read a whole page of reviews if you would enjoy the details.